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21-25 AUGUST 2024


above the Oxford Arms, 265 Camden High St, London NW1 7BU


Women In Mayhem by Rev. David William Parry is a nonsense dramedy in three prank-scenarios examining trans, heterosexual and lesbian women in various worlds and bewildering relationships. 

Indeed, Parry has clearly followed Edward Lear in creating separate spheres of surreal activity, which include a disembodied voice refereeing the literary struggles existing between a young author and his mysterious uncle, a few moments in an Azerbaijani afterlife wherein a black Sybil is asked to judge the recently deceased President, as well as a clash of generations exhibited by the meeting between the journalist James Cameron and an elderly Dr. Albert Schweitzer in the latter’s hospital in Gabon. 

All in all, Women In Mayhem is a collection of nightmares  enacted in the middle of dances, ad-libs, staged pen and ink illustrations, burlesque gags, outrageous costumes, magical machines, as well as well-known pop songs, that can each be given a happy ending. After all, as a drama-comedy Women In Mayhem invites every one of its audiences  to vote on the final destiny of each character by two silver angels alongside their dominatrix mistress simply known to her followers as The Dancing Pilot. 

This show breaks boundaries, expectations and Theatre. 

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