Mount Athos Inside Me: Essays on Religion, Swedenborg and Arts

Almost a decade in the making, the radical research, meditations and experiences of Reverend David William Parry have culminated in a work that interweaves Mount Athos, the Arts, Religion, Philosophy, Theatre, Literature and Poetry in a delightfully fresh style of penmanship. Indeed, Reverend Parry’s style is skillfully and sympathetically beautiful, whilst maintaining a firm grasp of expertise and knowledge through the eyes of some of the major figures from the Presocratics to the present-day.


Caliban's Redemption

In this collection of occult poems, Parry's alter-ego, Caliban, muses on sexuality, seclusion and Shakespeare. Moreover, by trying to capture the dark dwarf's metaphysical lyrics moment by moment, the author slowly confronts himself as a willing prisoner on the magical island of violence and desire. After all, Caliban would claim that neither Browning nor Nietzsche had fully grasped the ethics of redemption which can only be found in unadulterated selfhood.


The Grammar of Witchcraft

In this collection of mini-sagas and poems, Parry narrates the final journey taken by his alter ego, Caliban, from the surreal delights of a lesbian wedding in Liverpool, all the way back to a non-existent city of London. In himself, the author is aiming to resolve lyrical contradictions existing between different levels of consciousness: betwixt reality and the dreaming state. And as such, unnervingly illogical scenarios emerge out of a stream of consciousness wherein bewildering theatrical landscapes actively compete with notions of Anglo-Saxon witchcraft, Radical Traditionalism, and a lack of British authenticity. Each analysis pointing towards those Jungian Spirits haunting an endlessly benevolent Archetypal world.