Athos as a fortress against the trivial and a portal to the transcendent is a theme that has found its way into British arts and letters. Enter our guide to these worlds, our author, David Parry. David is a man of extraordinary erudition and artistic sensitivity. In this book, he offers to serve not so much as a guide but as a companion through the deep, dizzying, mystifying, heavenly-earthly reality that is Mount Athos, as it is found on a Greek Island and as it is found in the British artistic tradition.

Fr. Robert McTeigue

Mount Athos is sacred like the Mount Sinai, Mount Hara and the Cave of Hera. Meditation in the isolation of the mountain releases the soul from the mundane and cultivates chastity and humbleness. Parry also relates some interesting parallels of habit and mores between the wise, old English-folk and these monks.

Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Choudhry Dr. Lit.

The endearing and intriguingly-intertwined mixture of the discussion of Mount Athos in a historically broad swathe of literature with theological and personal reflections on life, religions and philosophy makes a compelling read. The truth being what the individual perceives it to be, leaves the reader with many questions of their own and thoughts to ponder.

 Dr Roger Prentis, Special Adviser in the House of Lords, United Kingdom

When David Parry first approached me about writing a foreword for his forthcoming book, Mount Athos Inside Me I was both delighted and intrigued. As a Grecophile of many years standing (I even arranged to have my wedding in that wonderful country) I have long been aware of the lure of Mount Athos; the “Holy Mountain”, a semi-autonomous finger of Greece that points accusingly out of the mainland at the prison island of Ayios Evstratios.

Anthony Peake, internationally renowned author of Is There Life After Death – The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die

For the scholar, aesthetic wander and Existentialist, Mount Athos Inside Me: Essays on Religion, Swedenborg and Arts is the continuation of a journey which begun when our species first looked into the sky and gazed inward.

Brain Cano, Haunted Collector (2011), Paranormal Caught on Camera (2019) and Scared! (2002)

All in all, Mount Athos is celebrated on every single page of this text. Rock by Icon. Not to mention Parry’s personal devotion to English and Russian literature. To demonstrate this, author David Parry paints a complex picture involving mythology, folktale, and philosophy, to express the grandeur of his subject, while staying mindful of the potent politics surrounding this treasury of Byzantine creativity.

 Shaig Safarov, Executive Secretary, Baku International Theatre Conference

What a truly extraordinary book! You may have only a vague idea of what Mount Athos is and why it is sacred to monks of the Orthodox Christian tradition, but this book is more than a coffee table ornament filled with trivia.

 Tom Roswell, historian, writer, and film maker at Survive the Jive

This is a uniquely phenomenological study of witchcraft replete with phantasmagorical imagery, transcending ordinary experience in a unique and unforgettable manner. The Grammar of Witchcraft will remain imprinted in your consciousness in words of fire.

Neil Watson. Editor and Press Officer at The European Azerbaijan Society

The great platform of diversity in this work is interspersed by mystical works. Traces can be made to Jungand other Masters manifesting its importance and relevance

Johan Alstad. Writer, Lecturer, NKTU (Norway)