11:00 AM - 5:00 PM


14 Stephenson Way, London, NW1 2HD UNITED KINGDOM (MAP)

Nephilim Anthropology Conference

Nephilim Anthropology Conference Event

Join David William Parry for an interactive two-day conference dedicated to decoding the messages behind ancient texts, anthroposophy, artefacts, rituals and the true secrets of human origins.

If you are waking to the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes, while some of our ancestors were genuinely gigantic – as seen in our previous Nephilim Anthropology Conference – it could be your guardian angel sending you insightful messages about the need to get more information.

Nephilim have existed as negative energies in almost every religion and culture since the dawn of time. In this digital age, they are finding new ways to threaten as well as stretch our expectations.

What to expect from this inspirational conference:

• Understand the vital significance of Holy Scripture
• Learn the REAL occult meanings behind number sequences, such as 777
• Be guided how to receive and experience your own personal signs from the angels
• Decode the signs and protections you have experienced in your own life

You’ll be led through a series of motivational and informative talk and have the opportunity to ask your own personal question.

What’s included in your ticket price:

• Access to this intimate event
• 1 x copy of a panelist's most recent book
• Goodie bag
• Book signing

About Nephilim Anthropology Conference: 

Our 11 speakers return to the platform after the first leg of our investigations into Biblical Nephilim and the past, present and future of Giants worldwide. We are a forum of 11 cutting-edge researchers, investigative journalists, explorers, mystics, artists, and exorcists from churches, the academy, and alternative professions to share their newest findings and results.

What makes us unique?

Our project was founded in 2021 from its original inception in 2013. Inspired by the incredible research of numerous authors, the team felt that the academic world and a majority of its papers remained limited and deliberately blind to sacred perspectives and artefacts, which did not fit the paradigm. Evidences in the fields of sacred geometry, art, new anthropology, astro-theology, paleo-archeology, geomancy and other avant-garde disciplines, were far too often overlooked by the academy, even though these topics are re-writing our history. Either way, a growing number of enthusiasts want real answers to the genuine origins of humankind, which is why we hope this undertaking can connect them to the higher insights of religious traditions and their experiential roots.