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29 OCTOBER 2022


48 Endlesham Rd, London SW12 8JL

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The Art and Drama of Beowulf Theatre Play

A dramatised reading of England's oldest heroic epic, Beowulf, alongside Nordic shamanism and the suggestion of Anglo-Saxon sorcery.

Known for his outrageous blend of sacred theatre well as Shakespearean Noir, David William Parry's one-man original show skewers traditional theatrical expectations with provocative, hilarious and often cryptic results. After directing, acting not to mention producing nine theatrical productions across the UK in Off West End venues, Camden Fringe along with the Edinburgh Festival, this restless dramatist continues his experimental activities and esoteric explorations, 26 years and counting.

His live one-man show combines amazing sleight-of-mind, intimate illusions, and classic sideshow entertainments. Known as the "Baron Frankenstein of our British Boards" for supposedly revealing the secrets of poetry and mysticism, and by showing people how to challenge themselves, he takes entirely new psychological paths into the Great Mysteries. After all, as the acclaimed author Jonathan Wood stated, his performances are "a true statement of radical intent, with its secret cultural time bomb successfully detonated under the chins of the establishment, showering them with LOVE and the promise of the rebirth of emotional revolution, in dramatic form".

The Horse Hospital can seat 100 people comfortably within its atmospheric, icy, Nordic environment. Plus, with the bar open for refreshments, and a book-signing space after the event, this theater can rival any of the top performing avant-garde arts centers in the world.

Revd Dr Parry has love for his fans, so make sure to stick around, because after the show, he will hold a meet-and-greet session and book signing of his most recent work, within the theater included with every ticket! The theater is located a few minutes from Russell Square tube station, just past Costa and the Institute of Education, UCL.

If you buy two tickets, you will get a third copy of Rev. Dr Parry's new book on Beowulf free of charge. 

Should you have any questions about the event, please contact Daniele Irandoost at

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