About Me

As a published author, poet, celebrant, dramaturge, TEDx speaker, Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, active Libertarian, member of the World Nation Writers’ Union, Honorary Doctor of Divinity – and prominent Valentinian priest, I have made personal contributions to British arts for over 30 years, while serving the general interests of our indigenous artistic community abroad. Currently, this stated, I am the Culture Officer of the Libertarian Party: a project attempting to create networks between actors, writers, dancers, singers, filmmakers, and poets from across Europe. 

To contextualise, following my move to London in the early '80s, I graduated in religious studies at King’s College, London, thereafter obtaining a Master’s degree in Pastoral Theology at Heythrop College, London. All meaning, I have a near obsession with Sacred Theatre on both a practical and theoretical level. Certainly, I have written dramas as well as performed on stage and screen myself – not to mention having worked as a director and producer when required – as a means to evolve my passion, whilst simultaneously breaking untried boards.

To read my resume, click on the link below.