Congratulations, you’re getting married!

Have you already envisaged your special day – what will it be like?

Exciting, romantic, personal, heartfelt, fun and creative! As your celebrant, you can be assured this is the ceremony you will have. It will be designed specifically for you and therefore like no other. A truly memorable ceremony, whether formal, unconventional traditional, casual or a blend.

Where will your special day be and who will be celebrating with you?

Your day may include just your dearest friends and family or hundreds of people. It may be brief or over a couple of days. It could be on a beach, in the wild, in a hotel, or in your home; the venues are limitless! You might want a theme: you may choose music, readings, hymns, prayers, songs or blessings. These are all options I will discuss with you to ensure that your day is just the way you want it to be.

Your marriage service or partnership ceremony is at the centre of your wedding day. This is where you make your promises to the person you love, where you truly celebrate the journey you have already been on and commit to a future together.

What next?

It would be fabulous to be able to talk at least once to discuss your thoughts and ideas. You will then receive a proposed script for your day and you will have the opportunity to make as many changes as you wish until you are completely happy.

If you want your vision for your day to come alive then please do contact me.  It would be an honour and a delight to help you to celebrate your love. If you’ve been married for some time but would like to renew your vows I would be delighted to discuss this with you.

Please note

Please note that currently in England and Wales, only registrars and designated religious clergy and officiants can legally complete the paperwork for marriage and civil partnership documents. This means that (for the time being) this part remains separate to your celebration ceremony. 

You can arrange to visit the register office to formalise the paperwork at a time convenient to you, which may be on the morning of your celebration or a day or two before.  It is suggested that you don’t exchange rings before the registrar but save this for your ceremony. There is no need to show me any documentation in order to conduct your wedding or partnership celebration; it is entirely up to you when you hold your legal ceremony. However please feel free to discuss this with me when we speak.